Monday, January 24, 2011


This winter is a blur of critical care, first my ICU rotation and now I'm in the CCU. Critical care leaves very little time for blogging, but today I was printing some pictures of Sam for him to take to school -- apparently it's his turn for the "All About Me" board -- and I found this in Brian's photo folder:

That about sums it up for me right now. I'm happy. Sure, I'm tired. Yes, it'd be nice to have a weekend off now and then. But I've passed the half-way point of my residency and every day I see myself growing into the physician I want to be. Brian is still in quiet awe of our new backyard; he can't stop talking about where the blueberries will go, and what kind of currants we should get. (Grapes! Peaches!) And, of course, I'm still mother to the world's most irresistable kid. Happy happy happy!


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Loving your blog! Your little guy is so cute! Laughing at the potty training blog. I can so relate. You are a very busy woman and lead a very exciting life! Thanks for sharing.