Monday, March 29, 2010

What else am I gonna do while the kid naps?

In the picture below, Sam and I are checking out the scuptures that adorn the Piazza della Signoria, which include the famous Rape of the Sabine. Just around the corner, there's some construction going on at the Galleria degli Uffizi. As we're perusing, he says, "See it, Mama? Looking?" "We are looking," I told him. "No, Mama. FORKLIFT."

Pearls before swine, I tell ya.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ciao, bella!

We made it! Three flights and three utterly exhausted toddlers later, we're here. And turns out, it's *wonderful* here.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New brother

Last weekend, my sister and her boyfriend became engaged. Nick blessed our whole family by inviting us to witness and participate in their engagement. We gathered at a vineyard in Napa, watched him kneel on one knee, and then celebrated all together over a gorgeous meal with an even more gorgeous wine pairing.

As it happens, I was the one who introduced Alison and Nick. It seems like forever ago -- six years! -- that I sent Alison an email telling her about a single classmate of mine. At the time, I didn't expect them to be a match, which just goes to show what I know. After watching them grow together these past six years, I couldn't be happier for them, or for the rest of us. I feel so blessed to be gaining such a wonderful new brother. Congratulations, you two. I love you both so much!

PS. Brian took some really lovely pictures of the occasion. My favorite few are below; many more are here.